Hi, I’m Jon M. Althoff, Founder and Managing Director of Parachute Consulting Group LLC.

I have worked with clients and employers including General Mills, Nestle, King Technology, Skyline Exhibits, J&B Group, Miniature Market, Climate by Design International, and others. I’ve led, managed, and directed world class Teams and projects including but not limited to Brand building, development of sales and marketing programs; hiring and training programs; improving digital marketing efforts and assets; project and vendor management, P&L responsibility and more. B2B, B2C, D2C, multiple sales and distribution channels. I have enjoyed broad industry experiences across multiple distribution channels. I see things differently because I have had the privilege to see so many different things.

Click here to view my full resume.

Contact me with business inquiries, or just to share ideas. A coffee is always free.

Jon@ParachuteConsultingGroup.com or 612.845.7200.

In What Ways Could Parachute Consulting Group be the Best Decision You Could Make?

  • Review Overall Strategic Planning and Direction
    • Overall or by Specific Program
    • Recommend Staffing Plan
  • Provide Channel Direction
    • Options and Recommendations
    • Recommend Staffing Plans
  • Trade Show Program Review Through Execution
    • Help Set Goals Including Virtual Components
    • Design a Program with Timetable
    • Measurements
    • Brand Presentation
    • Execution of Plan
  • Marketing Department
    • Temporary, P/T, or Fractional Staffing
    • Function Improvements
    • Recommend Staffing Plan
  • Review and Recommend Marketing Tools and Reporting Systems
    • Reporting Systems Review
    • Meaningful Measurement Reporting / Scorecards
  • Branding
    • Help Coordinate Branding Elements
      • Consistency
      • Colors
      • Logo use
      • Develop Trademarks and Registrations
  • Review / Create Marketing Tools / Programs / Content
    • Webinars
    • Videos/YouTube (Are these current? On all product lines?)
    • Customer testimonials
    • Client Surveys
    • Website (general communication or for ordering)
    • Brochures (hard copy and digital)
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